Daily Inspire

Lately I am in love with chunky vintage jewelry, mainly rings. I think that a statement ring makes fingers look delicate and move elegantly. The art of stacking mismatched rings gives an effortless look and adds uniqueness to an outfit.

images from 5 inch and up, and other unremembered various blogs.

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Sienna Miller Gold Winged Earrings

My newest obsession: Sienna Miller’s gold winged earring studs. These are such a graceful statement piece without overpowering the face or hairstyle. I am on a mission to find these fantastic studs. Don’t you love them?

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Daily Inspiration: MK Olsen’s Jewelry

The Olsen’s have been known over the years for their risky fashion statements, changing many people’s perception on them to grungy. But weather we admit it or not, we all have a secret, or not so secret, love for these twins and their bohemian style. Personally, I couldn’t imagine they’re style becoming any more lust-worthy than it already is today. Knowingly or not Mary-Kate has started many trends over the years, stacked gold onyx rings layered chunky diamond necklaces, and chunky twisted bangles have never looked better! It’s simple to achieve this look by digging though your mom’s or grandmothers vintage pieces or even hitting up a local thrift store.

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